2017 Upcoming Workshops


Curtain Call Theatre

Audition Workshop

Friday Nights 7-9 pm

Sept. 8th - Oct. 13th

Cost $175 Participating Student

           $ 75 Observing Student

This workshop will help the actor understand how to audition with monologues and cold readings.  All material provided.

Scene-Study Workshop

Friday Nights 7-9pm

​Jan 12th - Feb. 16th

Cost $175 Participating Student

            $  75 Observing Student

This workshop will help actors understand how to audition well with monologues and cold readings. All material will be provided.

Acting for the Camera Workshop

Friday Nights 7-9pm

April 6th - May 11th

Cost $175 Participating Student

​            $75 Observing Student

Learn how to work as an actor with the camera.  With auditions, scenes and  commercials you will learn how to adjust your work with the camera

"An ounce of behavior is worth a pound of words." - Sanford Meisner

Witnessing a student advancing in their craft is exciting.  We're all students being inspired by someone in our lives or wanting to learn something new.  The classroom is where the real work is.  There we can discover, take risks and learn from our failures.  One of my favorite memories in the theatre was working in the black box theatre at Trinity Rep. Conservatory.  We had no money, limited resources and we created some of the boldest material.

Whether you are interested in taking a Scene-Study or Audition Workshop I look forward to working with you and helping you advance in your craft.

Derek Stearns


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